“Filtration in your home”



We at Life Ionizers have always recommended the use of pre-filters with our machines. Many municipal water treatment plants now add fluoride to the drinking water. With chlorine, chloramines and other potential toxins in the water, it is prudent to use additional filters to eliminate as many toxins as possible. Why? Because with the use of the acidic water, we must consider what contaminants might be present in it. Many water ionizer companies  claim that there is no use for pre-filters and that they are a selling gimmick. They clearly acknowledge that the internal filters of their machines do not filter out fluoride and other toxins. They claim that the fluoride and other heavy metals are conveniently channeled to the acidic water side and are of no concern because you are not drinking the acidic water. Yet in the same breath they will instruct you to use the acidic water on your skin, rinse your vegetables, wash your hair, etc. Do you want to use toxic water on your skin or food? No, of course not.

This is very important because municipal water supplies are often much more toxic than reported. For example in 2004, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority violated federal law and did not report  for one whole year, that the water had unsafe lead levels. One whole year! We at Life Ionizers have always advocated the use of pre-filters. Better safe than sorry. Our pre-filters utilize KDF technology and for example, our activated alumina filter absorbs the fluoride out of the water from the tap before it enters the unit . Our acidic water is not contaminated with fluoride. Do not be misled by other companies and their gimmicks and misinformation. At Life Ionizers if your tap water has fluoride in it, you will receive a free fluoride, activated alumina filter with your ionizer purchase. We care about both sides of the water that comes out of your machine. Also from an environmental perspective we are cleaning the fluoride, lead and arsenic out of the water supply. Instead of going down the drain, it is being trapped by a filter that can be responsibly retired and eliminated from the environment.  Please visit www.LifeHealthWater.com , and learn more about our philosophy and technology. When it comes to ionized, alkaline water, we say;  just drink it!

Yours pHor Better Health,

Dr. Peter L. Kopko, D.C.

Chief science Advisor


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