Apple Plus Energy Juice

Apple Plus Energy Juice


apple plus energy juice
Serves 1-2

•    3 fuji apples
•    1 green apple
•    1 inch ginger (cut off outer peel)
•    1 cucumber – sliced to go in juicer
•    ½ bunch parsley
•    1 lemon with peel – cut to go in juicer

Directions: Juice all of the above ingredients and enjoy immediately.  Notice the lift this great juice provides.  It’s awesome!

By:  Katy Joy Freeman, Raw Food Chef
Copyright 2010

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1 Response to Apple Plus Energy Juice

  1. Juicer says:

    Making your own juice at home using a juicer provides you a delicious health promoting drink in the same time it would take you to boil the kettle. So this is one of the most effective kitchen activities for you to help maintain good health.

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