4 Surprising Facts About Caffeine


Being a java junkie may actually be good for you.Being a java junkie may actually be good for you.It turns out that being a java junkie may actually be good for you. Here, 4 ways coffee and caffeine boost your health.

1. Lowers your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease
Researchers in Florida found that older people with the highest levels of caffeine in their blood were more likely to avoid the disease in the years to come. The magic dose: three cups of the brewed beverage daily. Caffeine may block brain inflammation, say University of Illinois researchers, which could explain the protective effect.

2. Protects you from cancer
In one study, caffeine-fed mice developed 27 percent fewer skin cancers after being exposed to ultraviolet rays than sun-exposed mice who didn’t get the jolt. Exercising boosted the effect – the combo led to 62 percent fewer tumors (and the ones they did get were smaller). Researchers think the findings will translate to humans, but warn even the biggest coffee drinkers not to ditch the sunscreen. Another study found that coffee drinkers who averaged 4 cups a day lowered their risk of endometrial cancer by 25 percent.

3. Gives you a brain – and mental health – boost
Not only will caffeine give you jolt of energy, it will also boost your memory and concentration too. Studies have linked coffee drinking to a lower risk of depression, and tea drinking to lower levels of anxiety.

4. Speeds up your slim down
Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it can boost your metabolism. It won’t counteract a trip to the vending machine (and isn’t an excuse to skip a workout), but, hey, every little bit helps, right?

– By Marnie Soman

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