7 Things Coconut Oil Can Do For You

7 Things Coconut Oil Can do for you!

7 Things Coconut Oil Can Do For You

Photo: Trunk Archive

You can’t pick up a magazine or read a website that doesn’t fawn over the magical properties of coconut oil. Based on the buzz, you’d think it’s the answer to every skin, health, and beauty question—and you might not be wrong. Here are seven things you can do with a spoonful of the stuff. (Oh, and when you order a jar after reading this, make sure the label reads Virgin Coconut Oil and lists coconut as the first ingredient.)

Take Off Your Makeup
If it’s solid, swipe it over your eyes and face to remove your makeup, otherwise dip a cotton pad in, then swipe.

Cook Your Kale (or Anything Else)
Even bitter greens pair well with coconut oil, which has a much higher heat tolerance than olive oil. You can sautee, bake, or grill with the stuff. 

Deep Condition Your Hair
Put it on your ends before or after you shower—it always works.

Soothe Bug Bites
Coconut Oil’s both anti-microbial and it rejuvenates your skin cells, which makes it super soothing on bug bites, as well as scars (though you have to use it quite regularly for a long period of time to see real improvement).

Burn Fat
Sound crazy? It’s not. Coconut oil contains medium instead of the more commonly found long chain fatty acids, which are metabolized differently than most fats and used for energy—which, if consumed regularly, really can decrease  the amount of fat in your abdomen.

Boost Your Energy
Throw a tablespoon in your breakfast smoothie, or mix it into a glass of water and chia seeds for a healthy (if less potent) alternative to espresso. 

Hydrate Your Skin (and Cuticles)
Coconut oil makes an excellent moisturizer. You can use it everywhere—even your face—and rub any extra into your cuticles.

What it doesn’t do, despite rumors, is provide sufficient SPF coverage. It delivers natural protection that’s equivalent to about SPF 5 or less, so even if you do use it in place of lotion, follow up with real sunscreen.

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