What is Metabolic Acidosis?

What is Metabolic Acidosis?
Metabolic acidosis is a blood pH imbalance where the body has accumulated too much acid, and doesn’t have enough bicarbonate (an alkali) to neutralize the effects of the acid. The condition can be caused by several factors such as an acidic diet, starvation, diarrhea and ingesting poison. Chronic acidosis is a condition where the body is constantly suffering from excessive acidity. As we age, we become more susceptible to metabolic acidosis due to age-related declines in kidney function.
The body must maintain the blood’s pH in a narrow range of 7.35 – 7.45 pH, and medical research shows that during metabolic acidosis, our bodies make trade-offs to keep it there. Unfortunately those trade offs manifest themselves as health problems. One trade off that has a heavy impact on women particularly is the body’s use of calcium stored in the bones to neutralize acids. While the calcium from the bones does neutralize acids, the problem is that the calcium is never returned to the bones, this gradual loss of calcium is believed to ultimately result in osteoporosis.
Kidney stones are also considered to be a consequence of metabolic acidosis. The Western, high protein diet induces acidosis which causes increased discharge of calcium in the urine. Much like hard water leaves calcium deposits in a home’s plumbing, the extra calcium then builds up in the kidneys and leading to calcium deposits we call kidney stones.
Metabolic acidosis reduces levels of a very important hormone IGF-1, which can lead to a mild form of primary hyperthyroidism, a condition where the thyroid is unable to make enough thyroid hormone. There are many problems caused by hyperthyroidism; poor muscle tone, elevated cholesterol levels, weight gain and heart irregularities are just a few examples.
There are many other problems associated with acidosis; below you will find links to articles that discuss the effects of acidosis, and what you can do about it:
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